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English German Formal - Sie
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"I find the words and music compelling, full of energy and feeling. The story is an important one for today, and the songs fully tell the story." Arthur Hamilton, Composer/Lyricist

"Wonderful music that could give Andrew Lloyd Webber a run for his money." Denis Magoffin, Producer/Engineer

"I have consistently been impressed with Mike von der Nahmer's command of the elements of composing ... Mike possesses a sophisticated understanding of style, gesture, harmony and orchestration." Lee Sanders, Composer/UCLA Extension Film Score Instructor

"Virginia Emrick is a warm and gifted lyricist. Her heart shines through her lyrics. That's the best compliment I can give anyone." Marty Panzer, Lyricist

"Mike von der Nahmer and lyricist, Virginia Emrick, tell a story about popular cliches and judgmental opinions, which are understandable by themselves, but if not, then confirmed in songs. The music sung by young pros tells a stand-out story, which will take anyone on a journey." S?ddeutsche Zeitung, Southern Germany's newspaper

"Mike von der Nahmer is a determined and talented young man." Gail Jaglin, Instructor UCLA Extension

"I am always inspired by the imagination and talent that Virginia Emrick brings to the craft of songwriting."
Debra M. Gussin
, Television Producer/Lyricist

"Mike von der Nahmer is a young and very talented composer with a mature rapporteur of aesthetic music. He is a force to be reckoned with." Ed Emanuel, Director

"With the underlying story being a poke at theater clich?, I was fascinated by the newness of the songwriting.  From the opening number, you know that this is anything but your typical musical.  By the finale, I was certain this writing team was made for the marquis." Jim Dilbeck, Songwriter/Producer

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