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English German Formal - Sie
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Code Mike von der Nahmer
Music, Book, Orchestration, Additional Lyrics, Director
1629 Carlson Lane, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Mike was born on April 7, 1077 in Munich, Germany. His general music education began in 1984, starting with pianio classes and Orff education at the age of four and ending in 1998 with a degree in music and German language.

From 1998-2000, he expanded his musical knowledge by studying at "Ludvig Maximilian University of Munich" (specialty: musicology and philosophy) and the University of Television and Film in Munich. From 2000-2003, he studied at Hohschule f?r Musik und Theater in Munich, Germany in the class of "Composition for Film and Television" and graduated as a film and classical composer (completing the four year program in only three years). From 2003-2004, he was a student at UCLA Extension, earning a certificate in the film scoring program.

Since then, Mike constantly develops his musical skills. He works as a composer in many different areas and genres of music. For example, musicals ("The Ultimate Musical" - premiere October 2004 at First Stage LA in Hollywood, CA), songwriting, orchestral works, chamber orchestra, film scoring, theatre performances, dance pieces, radio commericals (Kenwood branding ad). His various projects and awards include: hosting a local Munich radio station; invitations to orchestra workshops; composing, supervising and producing CDs; practical trainings at a television statiobn in the department of film music; instructor of composition; scholarship at the 2004 O'Neill Puppetry Conferences; and a fellowship to the Aspen Music Festival and School.

Composing since the age of 12, Mike currently has achieved over 150 compositions - from short pieces for solo instruments to big orchestral works for live performances and films. Constantly continuing creation of the new music works gives him an experience and inspiration for inventing new ways of introducing music to everyone - professionals and amateurs alike.

Virginia Lynn Emrick Virginia Lynn Emrick
Lyrics, Book, Marketing/PR, Graphic Design, Producer
524 N. Juanita Ave. #5, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Since childhood, Virginia has been writing stories and inventing characters. Before moving to California from New Jersey, she was writing commercials for cable television. She also edited a weekly local cable program called "Cinnaminson Notebook" and was involved with writing skits for local elementary school programs.

After becoming a finalist in the 2002 USA Songwriting Competition, she began formal songwriting study under the tutelage of multi-platinum songwriter and producer Marty Panzer, where she received his "Concord Records/Barry Manilow Scholarship for Writing Lyrics that Succeed and Endure." She has also studied songwriting with award-winning songwriters Arthur Hamilton and Harriet Schock, as well as studying with The Academy for New Musical Theatre.

Recently, she completed her first novel, "Stalking Horse," which will be published shortly. Virginia holds both a BA and MA in communications and is a member of ASCAP and the Dramatist Guild. "The Ultimate Musical" is her first work for musical theatre.

Monika Pydynkowska Monika Pydynkowska
Choreography, Stage Movement & Direction, Casting

Monika was born in Poland where she finished all her major education, including a college degree as a cultrue creator with a specialty in dance. After experience as part of a professional modern dance theatre with both American and German teachers, she moved to Germany. There, she worked as a manager of three wellness spas in the Arabella Sheraton Hotels in Munich.

In 2002, she started her education in the Gyrotonic? Expansion System and later in Gyrokinesis?. She graduated as a certified trainer in June 2003. Since October 2003, she cooperates with Gyrotonic? studios in the US and well as in Germany.

Today, she dedicates her work to finding new ways of movement available to the human body and specializes in rehabilitation, pain release, and spine work. Connecting her vast experience in creating many new cultural projects, dance pieces, managerial work, and assisting people in pain to understand their physical problems has helped her develop new dimensions of movement on stage and outside of it.

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