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English German Formal - Sie
Welcome to the world of "The Ultimate Musical"
Thursday, 27 January 2005
Welcome to the official site for "The Ultimate Musical" - an original musical written by Mike von der Nahmer and Virginia Lynn Emrick. This site contains a vast array of information about the show...from the page to the stage.

The story itself is an entertaining look at the clich?s of human nature as told through the use of film and musical theatre clich?s. It introduces us to Hero, a man trying to find himself while living up to his name. He falls in love with Beauty who is only interested in one thing...power.

While Hero goes off to war with Very Bad Guy, his beloved Beauty continues her search for fame and fortune through the men she meets. Not finding anyone more powerful than Hero, she decides to return to him when he comes back from the war. However, Hero is a changed man and Beauty is dissatisfied with him. Now, she must choose between Very Bad Guy and the president's Messenger, both of whom had affairs with her.

Through her choice, Hero learns that people are not what they seem...a message brought to him by the most unlikely person. In the end, who is the real hero?

Please take a look around and learn more about this remarkable musical that is quick becoming a sensation throughout Southern Germany, and will soon take the United States by storm.

We're glad you're here...

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